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Temporary Residence for Accompany Familiar Resident El Salvador

Temporary Residence for Accompany Familiar Resident in El Salvador.

  1. Current Original passport.
  2. Birth certificate authenticated by the corresponding institutionsin your country and Salvadoran consulate or apostille
  3. Criminal record authenticated by the Salvadoran consulate or apostille. This document is valid for the duration included within or 3 months (in case none is written in it). Relevant documentation that demonstrates the quality of the resident is also required.
  4. Medical record (must be obtained from a physician in El Salvador).
  5. Birth Certificate of Child (s), if applicable.
  6. DUI and NIT or Resident Card of Familythat pay the travel expenses
  7. Affidavit of Support of travel expensess (we elaborate)
  8. NIT card of Foreign(we will collaborate to obtain it).
  9. Documents proving the person who will provide support (salary certificate, income statement, etc.).
  10. Especial power of attorney. (our lawyers prepare)

Professional Fees:

Our fee for the services in this procedure is USD 450.00 Plus the official rates which must be paid in migration and foreign offices.