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El Salvador Investment Incentives

In view of the geographical position, commercial opportunities and infrastructure conditions that El Salvador offers for making the country an international center of specialized services, the Act of International Services has been recently approved.

The purpose of this Act is to encourage investment in the following items:

  • International Distribution
  • Logistics International Operations
  • International Call Center
  • Technologies of Information
  • Research and Development
  • Repair and Maintenance of Sea Vessels
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Medical and Hospital Services
  • International Financial Services

El Salvador offers to the international business community attractive advantages and incentives for efficient, competitive and profitable business activities. We are strategically positioned geographically and have a prosperous business environment, progressive legislation, state of the art infrastructure, fiscal incentives, a skilled labour force and access to production inputs and financing under competitive conditions

The World Bank Group after comparing regulation in 175 economies has classified El Salvador among the countries in the world to have made it easier to start a business in the past year. El Salvador led reforms in Latin America for the second year in a row. It reduced the number of procedures from 12 to 10, and the time from 40 days to 26.

El Salvador has been classified among 24 countries in the world in recently making reforms for registering property. In Latin America, our country digitized and restructured its registry, reducing delays by 19 days.

The biggest trend in credit-related reforms was updating credit information laws, especially in Latin America. El Salvador’s new consumer protection law also guarantees consumer access to their credit data. El Salvador is classified among the 26 countries which have made reforms for getting credit.

Investment Law

  • Accords National treatment to foreign investment.
  • No limits on foreign capital
  • Full currency convertibility.
  • No double taxation.
  • Provides national and international mediation for the solution of
  • Protection of copyrights under a law promotion and protection of
    Copyrights compatible with the WIPO of the WTO.
  • Free movement, transfer and repatriation of capital.